Database and Guide on Educational Robotics

The partners have identified a key gap in relation to meeting the needs of educators in adult education, including educators for persons with disabilities. The majority of them are aware of the existence of robots that could support the educational outcomes of learners, but they are not able to use them due to the existence of several types of barriers.

The partners carried out a mapping of the robotic devices that are available on the market and their use for supporting adult education. They created a DATABASE that includes devices aimed at learners in general, as well as specific devices targeted towards learners with developmental, learning and sensory disabilities, communication disorders, emotional and behavioural disorders and physical impairments.

The database contains information about a number of educational robots, a small description, their website and videos about their functionality.  Based on a number of keywords you will be able to find the robot you are looking for and which may concern arduino based robots, 3d printed robots, robots suitable for STEM education, etc. 

To assist you in your browsing of our database we have created the following guide that provides you with a detailed approach to the database. 

Also, the partners have spotted case studies of educational centres (formal or non-formal education centres) where the technology has been applied to support learners, including persons with disabilities. Contacts were made and interviews carried out with the selected cases for further study.

Interviews with trainers in the robotics field


1.Interview with Piotr Łuczak

2. Interview with Mateusz Kubat

Edison Robot

3. Interview with Maria Georgantopoulou

4. Interview with Daniela Angelova

5. Interview with Mireia Castellá

TurtleBOT3 Burger

6. Interview with Agnieszka Węgierska


7. Interview with Ona Ventura

Robot Mouse

8. Interview with Anabel Lòpez


9. Interview with Adult Educator 1


10. Interview with Adult Educator 2


11. Interview with Adult Educator 3

Pepper and NAO

14. Interview with Liliya Terzieva


15. Interview with Hristo Popov


16. Interview with Olov Engwall

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