Type of Robot
Type of Robot
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3D Printed Arduino Social Robot Buddy

Buddy is a 3D Printed arduino social robot. He interacts with the world by using an ultrasonic sensor to map out his immediate area. When something changes in his environment he reacts. He can be surprised or inquisitive and sometimes a bit aggressive. You have a complete open project to build Buddy by your own - medium experience with 3D printing, electronics and programming required.

3D printed robot

3D printed walking bot, complete project for self made quadruped. You need some experience with electronics, Arduino programming and 3D printing.

4M Tin Can Robot

The 4M Tin Can Robot teaches the value of recycling by repurposing a used can into a fun and functional robot. No special tools or knowledge required; Just add a used soda pop can and let the fun begin. Use the kit to create a silly robot or a motorized monster, or a combination of the two.

Abilix Krypton

A set of elements needed to build the Krypton education robot - to learn robot programming and construction. In addition to the main controller and a colour touch screen, the kit includes: 23 sensors, 3 small motors and 2 large motors. You get access to instructions and the Abilix Krypton Today's Future application for mobile devices.

AlphaBot2 Acce Pack

Universal mobile platform for micro:bit (https://www.microbit.org/) with two wheels and ball support. It has two micro DC motors with the motor control unit, LED RGB and a set of sensors for line tracking, obstacle avoidance, distance measurement, etc. You need to buy micro:bit controller (more extensions available). You can learn programming with Microsoft’s MakeCode editor, Scratch or Python.


Fully Open Source Hexapod robot with educational proposes based in ROS. Its totally parametric design allows you to 3D print and assemble any hardware you like.It's low-cost and based on Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

ARTIE 3000

Artie 3000 the coding robot is the fun and artistic way to introduce curious kids to the power of programming. PERFECT FOR BEGINNER AND ADVANCED CODERS: Start coding with Artie’s pre-programmed designs (visit Artie’s website for even more codes), then learn to write your own Blockly, Snap!, Python, or JavaScript code using Artie 3000’s Drag & Drop, Remote Control, and Point & Click functions

Aspir v2

Full-Size 3D-Printed Humanoid Robot. ASPIR stands for Autonomous Support and Positive Inspiration Robot - this is a very advanced and large Instructables project! You need significant 3D-printing experience, expected build time will be several months with an estimated build cost of roughly $2500 - but you will have a 130cm tall humanoid.

B robot evo 2

The B-robot EVO 2 is an OPEN SOURCE (3D printed), arduino based self-balancing robot with many features (battle arms and add-ons to fight another robots (or stand up when you fall). Perfect to have fun as you learn robotics. Control it using your smartphone via the free APP or build your own program on Arduino.

Bocco emo

BOCCO emo is a communication robot that keeps families connected. Easy sending and receiving messages, sending you weather alerts and schedule reminders, connecting to various “smart” devices, using an illuminance sensor, a vibration sensor, and a motion sensor to grasp the surrounding conditions, reacts to your words. By spending time with you and your family, BOCCO emo grows and evolves to become a more connected robot.


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