About the project

The project’s focus is on building the competences of educators in the adult education sector in relation to the use of robotics technologies to enhance educational outcomes. The project will aim to support educators working in various types of adult education settings by enhancing their knowledge and skills in the field of educational robotics, which they can use to support the learners they engage with.

The overall aim of the HEART project is to increase the capacities of the adult education systems in the partner countries to meaningfully engage adult learners with education and training through the use of robotics technology. The project also aims to contribute to the social inclusion of learners with disabilities by increasing the capacity of educators who work with them.

Educational robotics is a very fast growing sector, with a wide range of devices being made continuously, but there is currently no systematic way in which educators can make use of this sector.

The project focuses on creating resources for educators (teachers, trainers and other professionals) and increasing the options available to them to apply different teaching approaches, using the advances in technology to guide adult learners towards better learning outcomes.


  • Database and Guide on Educational Robotics
  • Online training course “Use of Robots to Support Educational Outcomes for Adult Learners”
  • Cycle of Webinars for Educators on the Use of Educational Robotics
  • Learning activity: Training for trainers


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