The partnership was set up with taking into account the partners’ different areas of expertise and experience with different aspects of the theme of the project: some are more focused on adult learning, some on social inclusion, some on technological innovation, and some on the development of training materials and tools to support learners. This mix of different areas of expertise will enable partners to contribute in different ways to the project activities, while at the same time learning from each other and mutually enriching their expertise.


Lodz University of Technology is one of the best technical universities in Poland. It is proud to have been educating engineers for 75 years. Over 120,000 well-educated graduates are the fruit of the work of several generations of highly-qualified staff: teaching, research and technical staff, as well as professional administrative support. We are a robust technical university with an established structure, we provide education to over 13 thousand students and employ 2.7 thousand staff. Teaching is delivered at nine faculties. In addition, there are many extra organizational units on the campus. They include venues for inter-departmental education, sports and recreation, entertainment and a variety of organizations enriching student life.


European Development Foundation

European Development Foundation EDF was established in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2011. Its mission is to work for civil society development, creation of programmes and organisation of events, supporting innovative practices, education and training of children and young people. The Foundation also aims to social integration of vulnerable members of society.
Foundation’s staff and experts are training professionals with long-term experience in soft skills training and group dynamics. European Development Foundation is the only one Bulgarian organisation, which became a member of CEFEC network and is one of the partner established Let Her In international network.


Association of Educational programmes OpenEurope

The Association of Educational programmes OpenEurope is a not-for-profit organisation with the main office in Reus (Spain). It is an education and training centre that works at a local, national and international level organising educational activities for educators and learners, young people and youth workers, professionals in the fields of formal, non-formal, and informal education.


e-Nable Greece

e-Nable Greece is a voluntary organization with a vision for combating the social exclusion of people with disabilities and all those who suffer from a lack of resources, education, and opportunities. The mission of e-Nable Greece is the utilization of new technologies such as 3D Printing, Mechatronics for the design, production, and evolvement of assistive devices and the education of the wider audience for other people to act as multipliers and promote the active role of a citizen in local communities.
The team of e- Nable Greece consist of a group of professionals and volunteers like engineers, teachers, psychologists and social workers. e-Nable Greece has a constant cooperation with schools, organizations providing education, healthcare and rehabiliation for people with disabiliites, VET institutes and universities trying to accomplish its mission. e-Nable Greece tries to fulfill its mission with the training of the adult trainers of the its network. The «train the trainers » philosophy is fundamental for any project implemented by e-Nable Greece.


Lidi Smart Solutions

Lidi Smart Solutions was founded to promote the latest trends in the digital era, offering web-education for adults and youth in a number of fields. Among our core activities were developing and implementing online education platforms and e-learning tools. From there, we grew to tackle the leading-edge technologies, striving to demystify them and increase their accessibility to various social and professional groups. Hence empowering larger communities with the opportunity to take on the demanding challenges of the 21st century. Our recent ventures include exploring the various uses for disruptive blockchain and AI technologies as well as a content synthesis for MOOCs, contributing to EU-funded projects. The company is based in The Netherlands.


Fondazione Istituto dei Sordi di Torino ONLUS

Founded in 1814, the Turin Institute for the Deaf works from its foundation with deaf people, deaf
people with multiplier disability and blind people from kindergarten to adult age. It is really
involved in the training of educators facing the education of pupils with sensorial disabilities. The
Turin Institution for the Deaf is an institution providing a wide range of services and activities, for
deaf, hard of hearing and other linguistic and cognitive impaired children and adults, such as:
– Adult education for deaf and hard of hearing;
– Vocational training and vocational guidance for young deaf , blind, autistic and other disabled
adult students;
– Speech therapy and SLI programs and early intervention programs;
– Recognized National Provider of training for teachers;
– Home housing for deaf adults at risk of multiple discriminations;
– Kindergarten for Deaf and hearing children;
– Special need teachers and educators service in mainstream schools supporting students in
collaboration with the local social services and school authorities;
– Specialized library and documentation center for teachers and parents;
– Special projects for the inclusion of deaf people in the society in the view of universal
accessibility, with a focus on museum and cultural institutions;
– Projects with the Universities in the fields of researches, language rehabilitation and social
services; European and international projects;
– Specialized mentoring and tutoring for students with disabilities enrolled in the 3 public
universities of the region;
– Language classes: Italian, English, sign languages;
– Sensorial Garden;
– European Solidarity Corps;
– Counseling to public employment services.


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