Implementation of the 3D Printed Robot


Video overview

#1. The technology used in 3D printing is called:

#2. PLA is a bioplastic material based on starch resources

#3. A 3d model that is going to be 3D Printed should be saved as a.

#4. Once you slice your 3d model, in what file format is it saved?

#5. The .gcode file contains a set of instructions that tell the 3D printer what to do and how to do it.

#6. The outer lines of a 3D Print are called:

#7. The layer height describes the thickness of the outer walls of a 3D print.

#8. All PLA filaments print in the same temperature

#9. Bed levelling is mandatory before start using your 3D printer

#10. Before you load a spool of filament to your 3D printer you should

#11. The motors have a predefined positive and negative output

#12. A resistor is connected to the longer leg of the LED.

#13. The resistor connected to LED is

#14. The switch is connected to the positive and negative of the battery case

#15. The sensors and the Arduino are connected to a power supply of

#16. How the speed sensor calculated the speed?

#17. Arduino Nano is a:

#18. The Ultrasonic sensor needs for its operation

#19. The LED can be connected randomly to the positive and negative source



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