International Conference Presentation

We have showcased our project at international conferences, summarizing its achievements, and encouraging many people of various backgrounds to actively use presented techniques. We have decided to organize and co-organize a few events to reach larger and more diverse spectrum of stakeholders, to raise moregeneral awareness in society about using robots to support education and training. We have also added hands-on worksops to stimulate teachers, trainers and adult students in starting their robotics adventure.

At the begining of September Lodz University of Technology organized the 5th International Conference Lektor High-Tech with special session on Robotics to Support Adult Education. We have prepared lecture and two hand-on workshops: Robotics as an Innovative Educational Technology and Artificial Intelligence: Emerging opportunities for the science and education sectors. Many university teachers have enjoyed these activities and came back to our Training course even after the conference.

On September 19 in Cracow we have co-organized the Conference eTEE e-Technologies in Engineering Education organizing again the special session in hybrid form: lecture on Robotics to Support Adult Education was provided remotely by Prof. Grzegorz Granosik, while hands-on workshop Robotics as a tool for Social and Ethical Issues was performer by Dr. Gertruda Łukawska and Elżbieta Radaszewska. The second workshop on Using AI tools to suport engineers was prepared by Konstanting Gospodinov and presented remotely from Reus (Spain).

Participants were very active in sketching and storytelling about their robot inventions.

Next Special session on Robotics to Support Adult Education is planned for October 20 at the 8th Conference Academy online.

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