The HEART Project Presents at International Conferences

The HEART project team was excited to share our work at several prestigious international conferences this fall. Rather than participate in just one large conference, we strategically chose to present at multiple events in order to reach a wider audience.

Over the past few months, we have showcased the HEART project at five conferences in Poland. In total, our presentations reached 117 participants from across Europe.

Some of the highlights included:

  • Presenting on “Robotics to Support Adult Education” at the 5th International Conference on Lektor High-Tech
  • Sharing our work at the Conference on e-Technologies in Engineering Education (eTEE)
  • Participating in the 8th Academy Online Conference
  • Demonstrating our robotics at the XII International Robotic Competitions Sumo Challenge
  • Closing out our conference tour at the final conference of the IT Mastery Center

We felt these targeted conferences allowed us to connect with key stakeholders from the engineering education and robotics communities. The audiences were engaged and provided valuable feedback.

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